Friday, March 26, 2010

The first Post.... :)

Well! A new blog, ...this should be fun! Ive had blogs in the past, and enjoyed them, Ill try to keep postings going ...Much easier in the Summer, as it seems, I always have such better pictures...that are fun to share..

My friend and Manager Emmy and I worked hard today, to get the Etsy shop up and it looks like it will be, very soon, just a couple details to work out. That will be great, as I have always been a huge Etsy fan, I cant remember a day, that I haven't at least peeked at the site, for a minute or two!! I'm addicted for sure... but I love the idea of handmade, and that you meet and support friends from here and all over the world, its FANTASTIC! and truly, run by the most creative people Ive ever dealt with.... I hope you will all check it out and enjoy it! :) Emmy even learned how to paint with wax today, She's a natural!

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