Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fresh Paint

Working at Fresh Paint , at the Everett Marina, what a fun show, and lots of sweet people!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Its a fun one so far...

Well, this day started off well, A piece at the Repp is being adoped by a nice husbando for his lucky wife... I hope she likes it!! Its a surprise, so cant say who.... dontcha just love the guys that are into 'wife gifts'?? hint, hint.... Todd.... ;)
Started off to make the piece for the Doc, but ended up doing some cute mini paintings, 5x7 s on canvas, super fun... im always drawn to tiny things like that... ones a baby deer, and ones a bird on a line, ill get some pics up tonite, maybe into the etsy shop.... One of my facebook friends was curious how the dark circus line was coming.... glad you asked April.... seems when i have commisions to do... i get off track.... oh or maybe its my add...not sure... but it will come!! I LOVE Dark Circus themed things... I still think it would be sooo fun to have a Halloween party with that theme!! well, im hungry.... so more later.. :) Hope everyone is out in the sort of sunny weather...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Its a tuesday....

Emmy came over and we have some new things in the Etsy shop, and are still working on more... she's such a great help to me, and I couldnt be more grateful... xoxox Thank you sooo mucho Emmy girl....

Im going for a walk on the trail, in the rain... after having a 3 yr old for a rainy weekend... i neeed to get outside for a while, then off to make more wax medium,.... and then a couple days of painting, the ideas are so crunched up in my head, i have to get them out... !! Have a great day, and im off! oh, this is the Shaun White Olympics painting thats on Etsy ...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Still have my little Tanner here, he's taking a nap, after a rowdy morning... he's such a fun little guy.. :)
Soon I will be headed to get more studio supplies, and then working on retaking pics of new work, as I seem to take way to humungo of pics... oh wello... Then maybe hit Trader Jo's for some food that is NOT Easter candy... as we have had way too mucho of that around here.... oooops, sounded like a tree just hit my house, so bye!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Finally, after many frustrations with my photo's being too giant... Taylor helped me get some pieces listed in the shop, THANK YOU TAYLOR!! Good lord, computers make my soo crazy sometimes.... its a love hate thing for sure. ... well, now I must retake all my other pics, so that I can get them in the store, without so much assistance.... so without further adoooooo.... i present my little waxslayer etsy store..... i need a napppppy.... ;)whew...

Friday, March 26, 2010

The first Post.... :)

Well! A new blog, ...this should be fun! Ive had blogs in the past, and enjoyed them, Ill try to keep postings going ...Much easier in the Summer, as it seems, I always have such better pictures...that are fun to share..

My friend and Manager Emmy and I worked hard today, to get the Etsy shop up and it looks like it will be, very soon, just a couple details to work out. That will be great, as I have always been a huge Etsy fan, I cant remember a day, that I haven't at least peeked at the site, for a minute or two!! I'm addicted for sure... but I love the idea of handmade, and that you meet and support friends from here and all over the world, its FANTASTIC! and truly, run by the most creative people Ive ever dealt with.... I hope you will all check it out and enjoy it! :) Emmy even learned how to paint with wax today, She's a natural!